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Service Description of Registration Section

Registrar Office is mainly in charge of academic records, 
credits and credentials issuing, grade documentation, registration, schedule and other related affairs for students.
Further service items are as follows:

  • Annual calendar compilation
  • Admission of freshmen and transfer students
  • Admission examination of freshmen and transfer students
  • Registration
  • Pursuing a doctorate degree directly
  • Maintenance and management of student academic records
  • Application for change of personal information
  • Leave of absence, return to school and dropout
  • Production, issuance and replacement of student ID card
  • Credit transfer and promotion to a higher grade
  • Application for changing major
  • Calculation, notification and correction of student grades
  • Transcript of class rank
  • Academic warning
  • Selection of academic excellent students
  • Examination of graduation qualification (including early graduation)
  • Management of degree examination
  • Report the awarded Chinese and English degrees to Ministry of Education and maintain the document
  • Issue (re-issue) diploma, enrollment certificate and credit certificate
  • Issue Chinese and English transcripts and English degree certificate