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Leave of Absence

  1. Student ID
  2. application form for leave of absence (Students under twenty years old must have consent and signature of their parent or guardian).
  3. receipt of registration payment (Based on the regulations of the Ministry of Education, a refund must be made before two thirds of semester passes).
  4. Receive the application form for graduation and go to each division listed in the application form to have stamp and then return the form to Registration Section to have ID for leave of absence
Steps Content Remarks
1.Fill out Application Form for Suspension from School. 1. Affix seal at “Parental Consent Signature” (overseas students shall affix seal at “Office of International Education & Programs”).
2. Mentor or director signature is required in the event of students’ inclination problems, family reasons or economic factors.
Application Form for Suspension from School may be downloaded at Registration Section web form download.
2.Apply at Registration Section. Hand out
  • Identity documents (student card or driver’s license or passport or identity card, shall be returned after verification).
  • Application Form for Suspension from School.
Application for only one semester suspension is subject to a 16 credits Course plan seal affixed by the department office and Curriculum Section (may be downloaded at Registration Section web form download).
3. Handle school-leaving procedures at each unit. Produce the school leaving certificate issued by Registration Section to the following units for registration and affixation of official seals.
1. Department Office
2. Laboratory
3. Accounting Office
4. Library
5. Office of Student Labor (postgraduates are exempt)
6. Office of International Education & Programs
7. Office of Student Affairs
8. Military Instruction Office (postgraduates are exempt)
9. Student Housing Service Division (non-boarding students are exempt)
School-leaving procedure at each unit takes about one hour. Please take notice of time schedule in order to avoid rush hours leading to a failure to complete procedures on that very day.
4.Hand over school leaving certificate. Hand over school leaving certificate to Registration Section after completion of school-leaving procedures thereto.  
5. Reclaim certificate of suspension from school.