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Application of Transcripts/Certificate for Graduation in English

1. Application at the counter: 
1.Please produce a photocopy of passport.
Current Students are requested to enter English name onto student information systems. Sequence, commas, blank space and dash between name characters shall be consistent with that of the passport (Note).
2.Fill out Application Form for School Enrollment & Certificate of Transcripts and Demand Note.
Please fill out Application Form and Demand Note
(Note: Demand Note is in duplicate, please keep it from replication)
3.Pay fees at Cashier’s Office. Produce Demand Note to pay fees.
4.Handle and apply at fifth Counter (English Transcripts & Certificate of Graduation Application Counter) Hand out:
(1) The second copy of Demand Note.
(2) Application Form for School Enrollment & Certificate of Transcripts.
(3) Photocopy of Passport (the page containing English name)
(4) A4 envelopes (sticking a full postage of registered stamp, with address written on) (send by mail).
(5) Handled by an agent, the agent shall produce an identity document.
5.Produce identity documents and claim items on next following day (work day) Or send back by mail.
Please keep the original certificate with care. It is suggested to photocopy the original and produce it together with copies at the fifth counter to have them seal affixed.
Note: Enter English names as printed in the admission ticket of passport or GRE or TOEFL. If no English names, please refer to the following URL:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Home → Passport → Spelling of Names in Passport for Reference, or
For a change of English name thereafter, please take a photocopy of the passport to the Registration Section to do so.

2.Application through communicationsAttach the completed application form, fee, photocopy of passport and an A4 prepaid return envelope. Mail to “Registration Section, Office of Academic Affairs, No.1727, Sec.4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun District, Taichung 40704”.

Once English name and spelling have been decided, they cannot be changed. If it needs to correct, the relevant documents must be presented.
Transcripts for applicants admitted before academic year 1996 and applying for the first time shall be delivered when the transcripts are artificially produced.