Illustration of Application for Interdisciplinary Learning

  • 2016-04-21
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Application Information

Application Duration: April 22 to April 28, 2016
Application Method: Apply on the website, print out the paper copy and submit to the relevant units for approval.
Information Query: (Google Chrome is the suggested site for use)
Website of Interdisciplinary Learning:
What is interdisciplinary learning?
It includes double major, minor and credit program. In the duration of study, you can obtain the studying certificate by applying for the courses of other domains and complete the regulation of studying before the graduation.
Why do you choose interdisciplinary learning?
In addition to the studying of the professional courses of the department and the general required courses in the university, you can also learn through the courses of various domains. On one hand, you can supplement and complement the learning assorting the professional courses; on the other hand, you can seek the approach of learning in the future through the exploration of multi-domain, which is the learning method resulting in several kinds of benefit.