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Major Transfer

  1. Students who wants to apply for major transfer should make an application from the Office of Academic Affairs within the deadline specified in the school calendar. Late application will not be accepted. Numbers of application for those who intend to transfer to other department or change major in the same department are restricted twice.
  2. Undergraduate students who intend to transfer to other department should apply for the same grade level in principle. The required credits and core courses for those who transfer to lower grade level should be taken according to the Guide to the Transfer Students of Required Course List. The repeated academic years in the two departments are not included in the calculation of the maximum schooling length in the transferred department. The specification of registration fee is based on the provision of the transferred department.
  3. The graduate students who have studied more than one academic year, due to special circumstances, can be transferred to other department by the approval of the previous department chair and the Review Board of the intendedly transferred department.